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Business Admin Documents

Business Admin Documents

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  • MS Excel - Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
    •MS Excel - Bank Reconciliation.
    •MS Word - How VAT Works.
    •MS Excel - Sales Invoice.
    •MS Word - Guideline Business Policy on HIV/AIDS.
    •MS Word - Lease Agreement.
    •MS Word - Business Plan.
    •MS Excel - Cheque Requisition.
    •MS Word - Disciplinary Offences.
    •MS Word - Non Disclosure Confidentiality examples.
    •MS Word - Offer of Employment example.
    •MS Excel - Reconciliation – General Ledger Accounts.
    •MS Excel - Reconciliation – Supplier or Customer Acc.
    •MS Word - Resolution example.
    •MS Word - Retention of Records policy.
    •MS Word - Steps to Starting a Business.
    •MS Excel - Stock Ordering template.
    •MS Word - Supplier Application example.
    •MS Word - Written Warning examples.

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